Science-General Knowledge Questions, Quiz

Q76. Goiter disease is caused by the deficiency of
(a) Iron
(b) Iodine
(c) Calcium
(d) Riboflavin

Q77. Pellagra is caused by which vitamin deficiency
(a) Vitamin -A
(b) Vitamin C
(c) Vitamin D
(d) Vitamin B12

Q78. Which material is used in electric heater
(a) Tungsten
(b) Nichrome
(c) Brass
(d) Iron

Q79. Which one of the following forms of phosphorus is most reactive
(a) Black phosphorus
(b) White phosphorus
(c) Violet phosphorus
(d) Red phosphorus

Q80. Formic acid is produced by ___________
(a) White ants
(b) Cockroaches
(c) Red ants
(d) Mosquitoes

Q81. The spring balance works on the principle of ____________
(a) Boyle's Law
(b) Hooke's Law
(c) Bernoulli's principle
(d) Pascal's Law

Q82. DOTs is a treatment given to patients suffering from
(a) Polio
(b) AIDS
(c) Hepatitis
(d) Tuberculosis

Q83. Buoyancy is the __________ force on a floating body
(a) Upward
(b) Downward
(c) Forward
(d) Backward

Q84. The nitrogenous waste of Human Beings is known as
(a) Ammonia
(b) Uric Acid
(c) Urea
(d) None of the above

Q85. When ice floats on water, its _____ part remains outside the water
(a) 0.1
(b) 0.3
(c) 0.5
(d) 0.75

Q86. The Fat soluble vitamins are stored in
(a) Skin
(b) Stomach
(c) Small Intestine
(d) Liver

Q87. X-ray was discovered by
(a) William Crookes
(b) Philipp Lenard
(c) Wilhelm Roentgen
(d) Max von Laue

Q88. Proteins are made up of
(a) Amino Acids
(b) Fatty Acids
(c) Glucose
(d) Nucleotides

Q89. Phenol is also known as
(a) Hydrofluoric Acid
(b) Boric Acid
(c) Acetic Acid
(d) Carbolic Acid

Q90. Potato is a
(a) root
(b) fruit
(c) tuber
(d) bulb

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