General Science and Technology Question Answer

Q151. The list of endangered species is released by
(a) IUCN
(b) WWW
(c) UN
(d) BBC

Q152. The color of tomatoes is due to the presence of
(a) Vitamins
(b) Mineral Salts
(c) Carotenoids
(d) Flavanoids

Q153. Which part of the body is affected by the trachoma disease
(a) Lungs
(b) Kidneys
(c) Eye
(d) Liver

Q154. Radiowaves are reflected back to earth from which layer
(a) Exosphere
(b) Ionosphere
(c) Troposphere
(d) Stratosphere

Q155. Which fuel is used in gas welding
(a) LPG
(b) Methane
(c) Ethylene
(d) Acetylene

Q156. Lipids are
(a) carbohydrates occuring in plants
(b) fats of natural origin
(c) nucleic acids occuring in plants
(d) proteins occuring in animals

Q157. If a ship moves from freshwater to seawater, it will
(a) sink completely
(b) sink a little bit
(c) raise a little higher
(d) remain unaffected

Q158. Coriolis force is maximum at
(a) Equators
(b) Poles
(c) Oceans
(d) None of the above

Q159. Polio is caused by the infection of which of the following
(a) Gram+ve bacteria
(b) Fungi
(c) RNA Virus
(d) DNA Virus

Q160. Which of the following is measured by "Anemometer"
(a) Velocity of Water flow
(b) Depth of Water
(c) Speed of Wind
(d) Intensity of light

Q161. Which of the following is measured by "Ohmmeter"
(a) Electrical Resistance
(b) Electric Energy
(c) Magnetic field
(d) Air Pressure

Q162. Biogas is a mixture of
(a) Methane and carbon dioxide
(b) Methane and carbon monoxide
(c) Methane and nitrogen
(d) Methane and nitrous oxide

Q163. The average life span of Red Blood Cell is
(a) 3-4 days
(b) 120 days
(c) 12 days
(d) Never die

Q164. Chemically, dry ice is
(a) ice formed from pure distilled water
(b) solid carbon dioxide
(c) solid sulphur dioxide
(d) ice kept at sub-zero temperatures

Q165. Cooking gas is a mixture of
(a) carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
(b) butane and propane
(c) methane and ethylene
(d) carbon dioxide and oxygen

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