Science and Technology Quiz

Q76. What is the SI unit for pressure
(a) Pascal
(b) Farad
(c) Ohm
(d) Joule

Q77. Who is known as the Father of Biology
(a) Archimedes
(b) Aristotle
(c) Vesalius
(d) Gustav Fechner

Q78. Who had distinguished the main blood groups in human body
(a) Simon Flexner
(b) Alexander S. Wiener
(c) Paul Ehrlich
(d) Karl Landsteiner

Q79. Which one is the biggest planet in our solar system
(a) Earth
(b) Jupiter
(c) Saturn
(d) Mercury

Q80. Which one is the largest natural moon in our solar system
(a) Callisto
(b) Europa
(c) Ganymede
(d) Amalthea

Q81. Which one is the hottest planet in our solar system
(a) Mercury
(b) Venus
(c) Mars
(d) Saturn

Q82. Which one is the smallest planet in our solar system
(a) Mercury
(b) Uranus
(c) Neptune
(d) Saturn

Q83. Which one is the first living creature sent to earth orbit
(a) Abert 1, a monkey
(b) Laika, a dog
(c) Ham, a chimpanzee
(d) Felix, a cat

Q84. Which one is the closest star to our solar system
(a) Barnard's Star
(b) Ross 154
(c) Proxima Centauri
(d) Sirius A and B

Q85. Halley's Comet was last appeared on the year
(a) 1972
(b) 1975
(c) 1982
(d) 1986

Q86. What was the name of the spaceflight that carried Neil Armstrong to the moon
(a) Apollo-5
(b) Apollo-10
(c) Apollo-11
(d) Apollo-203

Q87. In which year Neil Armstrong first landed on the moon
(a) 1965
(b) 1967
(c) 1968
(d) 1969

Q88. Who is the first woman in space
(a) Valentina Tereshkova
(b) Sally Ride
(c) Kathryn C. Thornton
(d) Judith Resnik

Q89. Who is the first female commander of a space shuttle
(a) Kalpana Chawla
(b) Eileen Collins
(c) Sunita Williams
(d) Barbara Morgan

Q90. Who is the first space tourist
(a) Dennis Tito
(b) Richard Garriot
(c) Jake Garn
(d) None of the above

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