Sociology GK Quiz

Q31. Who propounded the concepts of "manifest function" and "latent function"
(a) Robert Merton
(b) Talcott Parsons
(c) L. T. Hobhouse
(d) Marion Levy

Q32. Who introduced the social distance scale
(a) Bogardus
(b) Bossard
(c) Reissmann
(d) Thomlinson

Q33. Who advocated the importance of keeping social sciences or its analysis ethically neutral or value free
(a) Comte
(b) Hobhouse
(c) Durkheim
(d) Weber

Q34. Who has classified action in logical and non-logical categories
(a) Parsons
(b) Pareto
(c) Spencer
(d) Mead

Q35. Who gave the term “The Culture of Poverty”
(a) Louis Dumont
(b) Robert Merton
(c) H. Spencer
(d) Oscar Lewis

Q36. Who first used the term "phenomenology" as a principle of philosophical and scientific methods
(a) Peter Burger
(b) J. Turner
(c) Edmund Husserl
(d) Harold Garfinkel

Q37. Who formulated the concept of "marginal man" in sociology
(a) W. Whyte
(b) R. K. Merton
(c) R. M. Maclever and C. H. Page
(d) R. Park and E. V. Stonequist

Q38. Who is the author of the book "The Structure of Hindu Society"
(a) N. K. Bose
(b) Y. Singh
(c) M. N. Srinivas
(d) G. S. Ghurye

Q39. The term sociology was coined by
(a) Herbert Spencer
(b) Saint Simon
(c) Auguste Comte
(d) Max Weber

Q40. In which year the term "Sociology" was coined
(a) 1798
(b) 1815
(c) 1820
(d) 1838

Q41. Khasi tribes living in the hills of Meghalaya are
(a) Matrilineal
(b) Patrilineal
(c) Bi-lineal
(d) Cognatic

Q42. The word family has been derived from the word "famulus" which is a ________ word
(a) Greek
(b) Latin
(c) Spanish
(d) Roman

Q43. Who wrote the volumes on "Theory of communicative Actions"
(a) Max Weber
(b) Juergen Habermas
(c) Karl Max
(d) Sorokin

Q44. Which approach of qualitative research has emphasized on socio-linguistic aspects of social reality
(a) Phenomenology
(b) Post Modernism
(c) Ethnomethodology
(d) None of the above

Q45. Who gave the concept of Neo-functionalism
(a) Robert Merton
(b) J. Alexander
(c) Kingsley Devis
(d) Talcote Parsons

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