Quantitative Aptitude on Times and Distance

Q11. An athlete runs 400 meters race in 25 seconds. His speed is
(a) 16 m/sec
(b) 37 m/sec
(c) 42 m/sec
(d) 45 m/sec

Q12. A man riding his bicycle covers 150 meters in 25 seconds. What is his speed in km per hour ?
(a) 21.6 km/h
(b) 23.3 km/h
(c) 25.7 km/h
(d) 26.9 km/h

Q13. A student walks from his house at 2½ km/h and reaches his school late by 6 minutes. Next day, he increases his speed by 1 km/hr and reaches 6 minutes before school time. How far is the school from his house ?
(a) 3/5 km
(b) 5/3 km
(c) 7/3 km
(d) 7/4 km

Q14. A and B start simultaneously from a certain point in North and South directions on motor cycles. The speed of A is 72 km/hr and that of B is 60 km/hr. What is the distance between A and B after 10 minutes ?
(a) 22 km
(b) 25 km
(c) 27 km
(d) 31 km

Q15. A constable is 160 m behind a thief. The constable runs 20 m and the thief 12 m in a minute. In what time will the constable catch the thief ?
(a) 20 minutes
(b) 23 minutes
(c) 26 minutes
(d) 29 minutes

Q16. A walks at a uniform rate of 5 km an hour and 5 hours after his start, B cycles after him at the uniform rate of 10 km an hour. How far from the starting point will B catch A ?
(a) 39 Km
(b) 42 Km
(c) 47 Km
(d) 50 Km

Q17. By walking at ½ of his usual speed, a man reaches his office 10 minutes later than ususal. His usual time is
(a) 8 minute
(b) 10 minute
(c) 13 minute
(d) 15 minute

Q18. A takes 3 hours more than B to walk d km. If A doubles his speed then he can make it in 2 hours less than B. How much time does B required for walking d km ?
(a) 5 hr
(b) 6 hr
(c) 7 hr
(d) 9 hr

Q19. If a student walks from his house to school at 4 km/hr, he is late 20 minutes. However, if he walks at 5 km/hr, he is late by 5 minutes only. The distance of his school from his house is
(a) 5 km
(b) 6 km
(c) 8 km
(d) 9 km

Q20. Bipul coveres a distance by walking for 5 hours. While returning his speed decreases by 1 km/hr and he takes 10 hours to cover the same distance. What was his speed in return journey ?
(a) 0.5 km/hr
(b) 1 km/hr
(c) 1.5 km/hr
(d) 2 km/hr

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