Tripura at a glance

Tripura is a state located in northeastern India. The capital of Tripura is Agartala and it is known for its beautiful palaces and temples. The state is known for its rich cultural heritage, with influences from Buddhism, Hinduism and indigenous tribes. Tripura is an agrarian state with rice as the main crop. The state is also rich in natural resources such as rubber, tea and oil. Tripura is also known for its scenic beauty, with many hills and forests, including the famous Unakoti hills.

Here, Tripura at a glance provides important information and figures about Tripura. This is helpful for General Knowledge exams.

Tripura at a glance
Particulars Description
Capital Agartala
Established 21st January 1972
Largest City Agartala
Latitude 23º45'N
Longitude 91º30'E
Area Total 10491.69 sq km
Districts 8
Sub Divisions 23
Blocks 58
No. of Municipal Corporations 1
Tehsils 222
Revenue Moujas 897
Total Population (Census 2011) 36,73,917
Male (Census 2011) 18,74,376
Female (Census 2011) 17,99,541
Density (Census 2011) 350 per sq. km
Literacy Rate -Total (Census 2011) 87.20%
Literacy Rate -Male (Census 2011) 91.50%
Literacy Rate -Female (Census 2011) 82.70%
Highest peak Thaidawr peak (3,050 ft)
Official Language Kokborok, Bengali, English
State Mammal Phayre's Langur
State Bird Green Imperial Pigeon
State Flower Nageswar
State Tree Agar
State Fruit Queen Pineapple
Airport Agartala
Lok Sabha Constituency 2
Rajya Sabha Seat 1
Vidhan Sabha Constituency 60