Question Answer World GK

Q31. In which country, Yellowstone National Park is located
(A) Russia
(B) Canada
(C) Brazil

Q32. Which river is passing through the Paris City
(A) Seine
(B) Thames
(C) Nile
(D) Volga

Q33. In which country the tallest waterfall of the world 'Angel Falls' is located
(A) South Africa
(B) Peru
(C) Norway
(D) Venezuela

Q34. Emu bird is found in the country
(A) New Zealand
(B) Japan
(C) Australia
(D) Thailand

Q35. Which country has the highest number of time zones
(A) England
(B) France
(C) Russia
(D) China

Q36. Which country has the most number of lakes
(A) Canada
(C) Finland
(D) Brazil

Q37. Which one is the capital of Spain
(A) Barcelona
(B) Madrid
(C) Seville
(D) Lisbon

Q38. Only continent in the world without a desert is
(A) North America
(B) Asia
(C) Africa
(D) Europe

Q39. Which one is the tallest tower in the world
(A) Burj Khalifa, Dubai
(B) CN Tower, Canada
(C) Canton Tower, China
(D) KL Tower, Malaysia

Q40. Which river flowing through the London City, England
(A) River Severn
(B) River Thames
(C) River Severn
(D) None of the above

Q41. Which country has the highest percentage of land is covered by forest area
(A) Malaysia
(B) Laos
(C) Brazil
(D) Suriname

Q42. Which country is known as the 'Land of White Elephant'
(A) Indonesia
(B) Myanmar
(C) Thailand
(D) Brunei

Q43. Which one is the biggest waterfall in Niagara Falls
(A) Horseshoe Falls
(B) American Falls
(C) Bridal Veil Falls
(D) None of the above

Q44. Which country has the World's largest prison population
(A) India
(B) China
(D) Brazil

Q45. The historic city of 'Machu Picchu' is located in the country
(A) Bolivia
(B) Uruguay
(C) Argentina
(D) Peru

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