World MCQ

Q91. How many principal organs of United Nation have
(A) 5
(B) 7
(C) 12
(D) 15

Q92. Where the 'International Court of Justice' headquarters is located
(A) Amsterdam
(B) Berlin
(C) The Hague
(D) Washington

Q93. 'Yen' is the currency of which country
(A) South Korea
(B) North Korea
(C) Malaysia
(D) Japan

Q94. 'Ringgit' is the currency of which country
(A) Singapore
(B) Malaysia
(C) Cambodia
(D) Indonesia

Q95. 'Astana' is the capital city of which country
(A) Kazakhstan
(B) Uzbekistan
(C) Turkmenistan
(D) Tajikistan

Q96. How many new countries are emerged from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in its dissolution in December 1991
(A) 11
(B) 15
(C) 16
(D) 9

Q97. Which one is the World's biggest cave
(A) Son Doong cave, Vietnam
(B) Jewel Cave, United State
(C) Holloch, Switzerland
(D) Optymistychna Cave, Ukraine

Q98. Which animal is in the logo of WWF (World Wildlife Fund For Nature)
(A) Tiger
(B) Bald Eagle
(C) Bull
(D) Giant Panda

Q99. Which city first observed the Earth Hour (turn off non-essential lights for one hour) on 31st March, 2007
(A) San Francisco
(B) Paris
(C) Sydney
(D) Rome

Q100. World Environment Day is observed every year on
(A) 13th January
(B) 26th August
(C) 30th September
(D) 5th June

Q101. Where the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense "Pentagon" is located
(A) Arizona
(B) Virginia
(C) Ohio
(D) Washington

Q102. Which island was previously known as 'Formosa'
(A) Hong Kong
(B) Taiwan
(C) Bali
(D) Sri Lanka

Q103. International Woman's Day is celebrated on
(A) 2nd January
(B) 5th April
(C) 8th March
(D) 15th September

Q104. 'Legion of Honour' is the highest civilian order of which country
(A) America
(B) Canada
(C) England
(D) French

Q105. 'Presidential Medal of Freedom' is the highest civilian order of which country
(A) Italy
(B) America
(C) Sweden
(D) England

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