World History Question Answer

Q76. George Washington defeated the British Army led by Lord Cornwallis in 1781 at
(A) Sandy Hook
(B) York Town
(C) Gravesend Bay
(D) Saratoga

Q77. Who said “History is essentially the record of the life of men in societies in their geographical and their physical environments".
(A) Ben Elton
(B) G R Elton
(C) A L Rowse
(D) Winston Churchill

Q78. Which Latin American revolutionary leader known as "the Liberator"
(A) Simon Boliver
(B) Ezequiel Zamora
(C) Francisco de Miranda
(D) Jose San Martin

Q79. Which French Military officer fought in American War of Independence
(A) Thomas Jefferson
(B) Lafayette
(C) George Washington
(D) Thomas Paine

Q80. Who is known as the father of Humanism
(A) Dante
(B) Petrarch
(C) Vergil
(D) Geoffrey Chaucer

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