World Leaders who were assassinated

Assassination of a world leader is the act of killing a political figure who holds a prominent position in the government of a country. This can include heads of state, heads of government, and other high-ranking officials. Assassinations have occurred throughout history and have had a significant impact on the political landscape of the world. Some notable examples include :

World Leaders who were assassinated
Person Rank Country Assassination Date Assassination Place Assassin
Xerxes I King Achaemenid August 465 BCE Persia Royal bodyguard - Artabanus
Xerxes II King Achaemenid 424 BCE Persepolis Xerxes' half-brother - Sogdianus
Julius Caesar Dictator Roman Republic 15 March 44 BCE Rome Liberatores
Caligula Emperor Roman Empire 24th January, 41 Rome Praetorian Guard
Murad I Sultan Ottoman Empire 28th June, 1389 Kosovo Field Lazar Hrebeljanović
Henry IV King France 14th May, 1610 Paris François Ravaillac
Nader Shah Shah Iran 20th June, 1747 Quchan Salah Bey
Peter III Czar Russian Empire 17th July, 1762 Ropsha Alexei Grigoryevich Orlov
Gustav III King Sweden 16th March, 1792 Stockholm Jacob Johan Anckarström
Louis XVI King France 21st January, 1793 Paris French Revolution
Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar Shahanshah Iran 17th June, 1797 Shusha A Georgian servant named Sadeq and a valet called Khodadad-e Esfahani
Paul I Czar Russian Empire 23rd March, 1801 St. Petersburg Peter Ludwig von der Pahlen, Nikita Petrovich Panin, José de Ribas, Vladimir Mikhailovich Yashvil and Nikolay Zubov
Abraham Lincoln President United States 14th April, 1865 Washington John Wilkes Booth
Alexander II Czar Russian Empire 13th March, 1881 St. Petersburg Narodnaya Volya
Ranodip Singh Kunwar Prime Minister of Nepal Nepal 22nd November, 1885 Kathmandu Khadga Shumsher, Chandra Shumsher, and Dambar Shumsher
Naser al-Din Shah Qajar Shah of Iran Iran 1st May, 1896 Tehran Mirza Reza Kermani
William McKinley President United States 6th September, 1901 New York Leon Czolgosz
Nicholas II Czar Russian 17th July, 1918 Yekaterinburg Yakov Yurovsky
Alexander I King France 9th October, 1934 Marseille Vlado Chernozemski
Benito Mussolini Prime Minister Italy 28th April, 1945 Giulino di Mezzegra Italian resistance movement
Liaquat Ali Khan Prime Minister Pakistan 16th October, 1951 Rawalpindi Saad Akbar Babrak
Faisal II King Arab Federation 14th July, 1958 Baghdad Military coup
John F. Kennedy President United States 22nd November, 1963 Dallas Lee Harvey Oswald
Faisal I King Saudi Arabia 25th March, 1975 Riyadh Faisal bin Musaid
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman President Bangladesh 15th August, 1975 Dhaka Bangladesh Army
Park Chung-hee President South Korea 26th October, 1979 Seoul President's security chief -Kim Jae-gyu
Ziaur Rahman President Bangladesh 30th May, 1981 Chittagong Faction of officers of Bangladesh Army
Indira Gandhi Prime Minister India 31st October, 1984 New Delhi Body Gurds - Satwant Singh and Beant Singh
Rajiv Gandhi Prime Minister India 21st May, 1991 Tamil Nadu LTTE
Yitzhak Rabin Prime Minister Israel 4th November, 1995 Tel Aviv Yigal Amir
Benazir Bhutto Former Prime Minister Pakistan 27th December, 2007 Rawalpindi Militant
Muammar Gaddafi Former Prime Minister Libya 20th October, 2011 Sirte National Transitional Council forces