Biology Quiz

Q151. Which of the following provides template needed for protein synthesis
(B) mRNA
(C) rRNA
(D) tRNA

Q152. Which group of animals dominated in mesozoic era
(A) Amphibia
(B) Reptiles
(C) Birds
(D) Mammals

Q153. In birds, some of the vertebrae are fused to form
(A) keel
(B) furcula
(C) syncytium
(D) synsacrum

Q154. The trypsinogen is an enzyme secreted by the
(A) Liver
(B) Illeum
(C) Duodenum
(D) Pancrease

Q155. Antigen is present in
(B) Plasma
(D) Both A and B

Q156. The pigment that absorbs red and far red light in plants is
(A) xanthophyll
(B) cytochrome
(C) phytochrome
(D) carotene

Q157. In vascular plants, the uniseriate layer of cells outside the stele is
(A) Hypodermis
(B) Endodermis
(C) Pericycle
(D) Epidermis

Q158. Which of the following compound will remain undigested if pancrease is removed
(A) fats
(B) proteins
(C) carbohydrates
(D) all of these

Q159. The hypodermal cells of monocot stem are
(A) parenchymatous
(B) sclerenchymatous
(C) chollenchymatous
(D) none of the above

Q160. The ecosystem of a pond is referred as
(A) lotic
(B) lentic
(C) xeric
(D) benthic

Q161. Who gave the term "Antibiotics"
(A) Darwin
(B) Woodruff
(C) Flemming
(D) Selman Waksman

Q162. A codon is a sequence of 3 nucleotides on
(A) t-RNA
(B) m-RNA
(C) r-RNA
(D) hn-RNA

Q163. Which hormone causes emotional disturbance
(A) Thyroxine
(B) Oxytocin
(C) Vasopressin
(D) Adrenalin

Q164. Carboxypeptidase enzyme contains the metal
(A) Iron
(B) Cobalt
(C) Zinc
(D) Magnesium

Q165. Which is the only human cell that has a flagella
(A) Blood cells
(B) Sperm
(C) Neurons
(D) Liver cells

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