Biology Quiz

Q166. Antibody is produced by
(A) B-lymphocytes
(B) Erythrocytes
(C) Skin cells
(D) Osteoblast

Q167. Chemically, insulin is a
(A) Oligosaccharide
(B) Peptide
(C) Carbohydrate
(D) Nucleoside

Q168. Which is the innermost layer of the heart
(A) Epicardium
(B) Endocardium
(C) Myocardium
(D) Pericardium

Q169. Lungs are covered by
(A) Pericardium
(B) Pleura
(C) Peritoneum
(D) Meninges

Q170. Trigone is a feature of
(A) Urinary bladder
(B) Gall bladder
(C) Testis
(D) Kidney

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