Biology Quiz

Q166. Antibody is produced by
(A) B-lymphocytes
(B) Erythrocytes
(C) Skin cells
(D) Osteoblast

Q167. Chemically, insulin is a
(A) Oligosaccharide
(B) Peptide
(C) Carbohydrate
(D) Nucleoside

Q168. Which is the innermost layer of the heart
(A) Epicardium
(B) Endocardium
(C) Myocardium
(D) Pericardium

Q169. Lungs are covered by
(A) Pericardium
(B) Pleura
(C) Peritoneum
(D) Meninges

Q170. Trigone is a feature of
(A) Urinary bladder
(B) Gall bladder
(C) Testis
(D) Kidney

Q171. The innermost part of a flower is known as
(A) Pistils
(B) Sepals
(C) Stamens
(D) Petals

Q172. Cartilaginous joints are found in which part of the human body
(A) Between two vertebrae
(B) Knee
(C) Between the carpels
(D) Between metacarpels

Q173. Free nuclear endosperm is found in which of the following
(A) Groundnut
(B) Sweet Pea
(C) Castor
(D) Coconut

Q174. The concept of linkage was proposed by
(A) G.J. Mendal
(B) Bateson and Punnett
(C) Hardy Weinberg
(D) Charles Darwin

Q175. Which of the following cells secrete antibodies
(A) All leucocytes
(B) All lymphocytes
(C) B-lymphocytes
(D) T-lymphocytes

Q176. Which of the following phyla is classified on the basis of their skull cavities
(A) Pisces
(B) Amphibia
(C) Aves
(D) Reptilia

Q177. When a foreign DNA segment is inserted into DNA molecules of a vector, it is called
(A) transposon
(B) promoter
(C) chimeric DNA
(D) shuttle vector

Q178. The monosaccharides that comprise the major portion of honey are
(A) Glucose and sucrose
(B) Fructose and glucose
(C) Galactose and fructose
(D) Maltose and galactose

Q179. Where is peritrophic membrane present in Periplaneta
(A) in oral cavity
(B) in the mid-gut
(C) outer to gut
(D) present around salivary glands

Q180. Which of the following is absent in plant cells
(A) Cell wall
(B) Plastids
(C) Centrioles
(D) Large central vacuole

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