Biology Quiz

Q181. Growth hormone is produced by
(A) Bones
(B) Pituitary gland
(C) Thyroid gland
(D) Adrenal gland

Q182. Bilirubin and Biliverdin are the pigments found in
(A) Bile
(B) Plasma
(D) Muscles

Q183. Which of the following cell organelles is referred to as the 'suicidal bags' or 'disposal units'
(A) Lysosome
(B) Peroxisomes
(C) Glyoxisomes
(D) Mitochondria

Q184. ELISA stands for
(A) Epithelium lesions in surface analysis
(B) Energy-linked immunity assay
(C) Enzyme-linked immunity analysis
(D) Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Q185. The free-living cell was first discovered by
(A) Robert Hooke
(B) Theodor Schwann
(C) Louis Pasteur
(D) A. V. Leeuwenhoek

Q186. The first life in earth was originated during early _____
(A) Azoic Era
(B) Archaeozoic Era
(C) Palaeozoic Era
(D) Proterozoic Era

Q187. Amnion helps in
(A) Digestion
(B) Excretion
(C) Respiration
(D) Protection from shocks

Q188. Lipase, choline esterase, Urease are enzymes which belong to the class of
(A) Oxidoreductases
(B) Hydrolases
(C) Isomerase
(D) Transferase

Q189. The structural unit of a gene is called as
(A) Cistron
(B) Recon
(C) Muton
(D) Codon

Q190. Which organic functional group forms the peptide bond of proteins
(A) ether
(B) ester
(C) acetal
(D) amide

Q191. Internal shell is present in
(A) Pila
(B) Sepia
(C) Chiton
(D) Lamellidens

Q192. The colour of the body in Earthworm is brown due to the presence of
(A) Porphyrin
(B) Haemoglobin
(C) Haemocyanin
(D) Chlorocruvorin

Q193. Which one of the following is not hermaphrodite animal
(A) Leeches
(B) Flatworms
(C) Earthworms
(D) Polychaetes

Q194. Schistosoma parasite are found in
(A) Lungs
(B) Intestine
(C) Liver
(D) Blood

Q195. Gorgonia is generally known as
(A) Sea fan
(B) Sea disc
(C) Sea fish
(D) Sea pen

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