Current Affairs Today Quiz - 19th August, 2020

Q1. Which football team appoints Ronald Koeman as their new coach
(a) Inter Milan
(b) Juventus
(c) Barcelona
(d) Real Madrid

Q2. Which country's President resign today after a military coup
(a) Mali
(b) Ghana
(c) Kenya
(d) Senegal

Q3. As per Digital Quality of Life Index 2020, which country is leading the list
(a) Sweden
(b) Norway
(c) Denmark
(d) Bahrain

Q4. As per Digital Quality of Life Index 2020, what is India's overall rank among the countries
(a) 55
(b) 57
(c) 61
(d) 64

Q5. Which company had won the bids to operate Jaipur, Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram Airports for a period of 50 years
(a) Tata Power
(b) GMR Group
(c) Adani Group
(d) Reliance Group

Q6. Which country decided to adopt Dharavi model for Covid containment
(a) Thailand
(b) Vietnam
(c) Cambodia
(d) Philippines