Current Affairs Today Quiz - 19th November, 2020

Q1. National Press Day is observed on
(a) 14th November
(b) 16th November
(c) 18th November
(d) 18th November

Q2. Nitish Kumar was sworn-in as Chief Minister of Bihar for the ______ times
(a) 4th
(b) 5th
(c) 6th
(d) 7th

Q3. Who is appointed as the first Chairperson of Reserve Bank Innovation Hub
(a) K. Dinesh
(b) Nandan Nilekani
(c) Kris Gopalakrishnan
(d) Anand Rajaraman

Q4. Which former US President written the book “A Promised Land”
(a) Barack Obama
(b) Donald Trump
(c) Bill Clinton
(d) George W. Bush

Q5. World Toilet Day is observed on
(a) 16th November
(b) 17th November
(c) 18th November
(d) 19th November

Q6. What is India's rank in the Global Bribery Risk Matrix list of 2020
(a) 76
(b) 77
(c) 78
(d) 79