Current Affairs Today Quiz - 1st December, 2020

Q1. World AIDS Day is observed on
(a) 26th November
(b) 28th November
(c) 29th November
(d) 1st December

Q2. Which State is celebrating statehood day today
(a) Assam
(b) Nagaland
(c) Mizoram
(d) Meghalaya

Q3. Which government launch the ‘Orunodoi’ scheme today
(a) Assam
(b) Meghalaya
(c) Sikkim
(d) West Bengal

Q4. The Avian influenza disease recently outbreak in which company
(a) Iran
(b) UAE
(c) Japan
(d) South Bengal

Q5. Which state celebrates Hornbill Festival from 1st of December every year
(a) Nagaland
(b) Uttarakhand
(c) Karnataka
(d) Tamil Nadu

Q6. The Border Security Force is celebrating its ______ Raising day today
(a) 53rd
(b) 54th
(c) 55th
(d) 56th

Q7. The assassinated scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is from which country
(a) Iraq
(b) Iran
(c) Qatar
(d) Pakistan