Current Affairs Today Quiz - 3rd October, 2020

Q1. World Heart Day is celebrated on
(a) 27th September
(b) 28th September
(c) 29th September
(d) 30th September

Q2. World Heart Day was first celebrated on
(a) 2000
(b) 2001
(c) 2002
(d) 2003

Q3. Which International organisation has halted its operations in India recently
(a) Red Cross
(b) Amnesty
(d) Human Rights Watch

Q4. Which one becomes first state in country to undertake over one crore tests to screen Corona virus
(a) Assam
(b) Bihar
(c) Maharashtra
(d) Uttar Pradesh

Q5. Under the Swachh Sundar Samudayik Shouchalaya category, which state bagged the first position at state level in cleanliness
(a) Gujarat
(b) Andhra Pradesh
(c) Kerala
(d) Meghalaya

Q6. World's longest highway tunnel "Atal Tunnel" is located in
(a) Sikkim
(b) Uttarakhand
(c) Jammu and Kashmir
(d) Himachal Pradesh