Current Affairs Today Quiz - 6th September, 2020

Q1. Which state topped the chart among all Indian States and Union Territories in the Business Reform Action Plan (BRAP) 2019 rankings
(a) Maharashtra
(b) Gujarat
(c) Tamil Nadu
(d) Andhra Pradesh

Q2. India is now the _____ largest road network in the world
(a) 2nd
(b) 3rd
(c) 4th
(d) 5th

Q3. Which neighbouring country's High Court has ordered that Hindu widows are entitled to share in all properties of their deceased husband
(a) Pakistan
(b) Nepal
(c) Bangladesh
(d) Sri Lanka

Q4. Which will host a summit of council of heads of SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) on 30th November, 2020
(a) India
(b) China
(c) Russia
(d) Pakistan

Q5. Which Union Territory has constituted a 10-member Biodiversity Council with an aim to maintain a Peoples Biodiversity Register (PBR)
(a) Ladakh
(b) Puducherry
(c) Chandigarh
(d) Jammu and Kashmir