Data Mining Interview Questions

Q46. Which one is not a Data Transformation strategy
(a) Aggregation
(b) Normalization
(c) Generalization
(d) Compression

Q47. A subset of the data warehouse that contains all the data about a particular topic is known as
(a) Data Pocket
(b) Metadata
(c) Data Mart
(d) Data Mining

Q48. Which one is the last step of Data Mart Implementation process
(a) Designing
(b) Acessing
(c) Managing
(d) Populating

Q49. Which one is not a data reduction strategy
(a) Data Generalization
(b) Dimension reduction
(c) Data compression
(d) Data cube aggregation

Q50. Which one algorithm is developed by Ross Quinlan
(a) C4.5
(b) k-means
(c) Apriori
(d) AdaBoost

Q51. Which is not considered as data mining technique
(a) Parsing
(b) Decision tree
(c) Artificial neural network
(d) Regression

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