Education Questions Answers

Q16. A child who reads few numbers wrongly has the learning disability of
(a) Dyslexia
(b) Dysgraphia
(c) Dyscalculia
(d) Cerebral palsy

Q17. Stanford-Binet scale measures the following attribute of an individual
(a) Interest
(b) Aptitude
(c) Intelligence
(d) Creativity

Q18. The ‘System of Profound Knowledge’ is the thought attributed to
(a) Walter A. Shewart
(b) C.K. Pralhad
(c) W. Edwards Deming
(d) Fiedler

Q19. Which one is not the example of summative assessment
(a) Unit test
(b) Semester exam
(c) Annual exam
(d) Classroom quiz

Q20. A deliberate, rather than haphazard method of selecting subjects for observation in research is called
(a) Selection
(b) Hypothesizing
(c) Sampling
(d) Population

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