Alternative Words....

In the following questions, choose the best alternatives of the bold part to improve the sentence

Q1. We spoke about the event yesterday, haven't we?
(a) didn't we
(b) wasn't we
(c) hadn'twe
(d) No Improvement

Q2. No plants nor animals, can survive without oxygen
(a) Either plants
(b) Both plants
(c) Neither plants
(d) No Improvement

Q3. Hari left the house before Shyam got there
(a) will leave
(b) had left
(c) leaves
(d) No Improvement

Q4. He is quite well now, except a slight cold
(a) excepting a
(b) except for
(c) except with
(d) No Improvement

Q5. We meet a lot of people at our holiday
(a) in
(b) during
(c) on
(d) No Improvement

Q6. Ashoka had a great reign than Babar
(a) longer
(b) longest
(c) wiser
(d) No Improvement

Q7. The executive had received several warnings before been suspended finally for his lack of punctuality
(a) after suspension
(b) after suspending
(c) before being suspended
(d) No Improvement

Q8. The museum has planned of a ten day exhibition showcasing the rich culture of the South
(a) plan for
(b) has been planning
(c) planning on
(d) No Improvement

Q9. The steep rise in oil prices is the reason on account of which we must conserve energy
(a) the reason
(b) the reason for
(c) the reason because
(d) No Improvement

Q10. The social worker passionately stroked the annoyed passenger in order that be pacified
(a) to pacify him
(b) that to pacify
(c) to be pacified for
(d) No Improvement

Q11. Despite his poor vision, he had an eye for women
(a) Though his
(b) Instead of his
(c) Although his
(d) No Improvement

Q12. I shall make you realise your mistake
(a) make you to realise
(b) make you in realising
(c) made you realise
(d) No Improvement

Q13. He ordered me to open the door
(a) requested
(b) asked
(c) directed
(d) No Improvement

Q14. Except another restaurants this one offer no discounts
(a) Beside other
(b) Unlike other
(c) Without another
(d) No Improvement

Q15. The meeting was postponed due to lack of quorum
(a) because of
(b) for
(c) against the
(d) No Improvement

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