Word Correction....

Q16. The greater part of the building has been destroyed
(a) spoiled
(b) demolished
(c) distributed
(d) No Improvement

Q17. You abstained to speak ill of others
(a) to speaking
(b) from speaking
(c) to speak to
(d) No Improvement

Q18. He starts from his house and walks 5 Km in south
(a) to
(b) by
(c) towards
(d) No Improvement

Q19. They have placed a new project for the benefit of society
(a) accepted
(b) implemented
(c) bought
(d) No Improvement

Q20. He was so afraid that his knees knocked one another
(a) one against
(b) each other
(c) both
(d) No Improvement

Q21. I felt that he was far by pleased to see me again
(a) far from
(b) far on
(c) far with
(d) No Improvement

Q22. He ordered me to open the window
(a) asked
(b) bade
(c) requested
(d) No Improvement

Q23. Along with success comes a thought for wisdom
(a) reputation
(b) need
(c) thirst
(d) No Improvement

Q24. To get into the building I'll disguise as a reporter
(a) disguise to be
(b) disguise as one
(c) disguise myself
(d) No Improvement

Q25. No sooner had the dividend been declared, than the notices were sent out
(a) As soon as
(b) Hardly
(c) Quickly
(d) No Improvement

Q26. Education experts from University travelled the village to judge the school system there
(a) calculate
(b) evaluate
(c) assess
(d) No Improvement

Q27. Solar eclipse can only takes at New Moon when the Moon passes between Earth and Sun
(a) result
(b) show
(c) occur
(d) No Improvement

Q28. The cricket match was left due to bad weather
(a) dropped
(b) abandoned
(c) deserted
(d) No Improvement

Q29. The man was turned down by a car
(a) brought down
(b) knocked down
(c) pulled down
(d) No Improvement

Q30. The night clubs are open into far night
(a) far into the night
(b) far into night
(c) into the far night
(d) No Improvement

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