Choose Alternative Words

Q31. I have been very thirsty lately
(a) will be
(b) should be
(c) would be
(d) No Improvement

Q32. Where have I invest my money?
(a) shall I
(b) will I
(c) should I
(d) No Improvement

Q33. He was released from hospital yesterday
(a) freed
(b) dismissed
(c) discharged
(d) No Improvement

Q34. It is because of his mentor that he has been able to increase his career
(a) stall
(b) prolong
(c) stretch out
(d) No Improvement

Q35. His father, who has been sustenance him as a human being as well as an athlete for so many years
(a) nurturing
(b) development
(c) stretch out
(d) No Improvement

Q36. Government's document outlines in detail the steps taken by Govt in administration and job creation
(a) draft
(b) point out
(c) layout
(d) No Improvement

Q37. There has been a major road accident, including 23 cars and 5 bikes
(a) involving
(b) add
(c) comprise
(d) No Improvement

Q38. One problem for any Manager is that each employee has their own separate needs
(a) distinctive
(b) individual
(c) every
(d) No Improvement

Q39. Curfew remains in impact in most of the parts of the district
(a) implementation
(b) enforcement
(c) force
(d) No Improvement

Q40. The polar bear's diet complete almost entirely of seals and fish
(a) consists
(b) full of
(c) contained in
(d) No Improvement

Q41. Is the world's climate getting more hot, with hotter heat waves and colder cold?
(a) high
(b) extreme
(c) acute
(d) No Improvement

Q42. Has you been on holiday this year?
(a) You have been
(b) Did you
(c) Have you been
(d) No Improvement

Q43. The film is forwarded to represent India in the Best Foreign Film category at next year's Oscars
(a) awarded
(b) nominated
(c) appointed
(d) No Improvement

Q44. I will abide by the law inspite of the fact that this is a false case against me
(a) live in
(b) endure
(c) tolerate
(d) No Improvement

Q45. The tree fell across the road and became a prevent for cars and trucks
(a) an obstacle
(b) a hurdle
(c) a restriction
(d) No Improvement

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