Choose Alternative Words

Q46. We must avail ourselves of rights and duties in equal calculation
(a) balanceSudhakar Khade
(b) amount
(c) measure
(d) No Improvement

Q47. Nobody can request me to do anything which I do not want to do
(a) encourage
(b) delegate
(c) compel
(d) No Improvement

Q48. There are quite a few mountains in that area that haven't been walked because they are quite out-of-the-way
(a) scaled
(b) avoided
(c) victory
(d) No Improvement

Q49. His mother was anxious at the safety of her son
(a) with
(b) about
(c) upon
(d) No Improvement

Q50. He resigned and kept me in the lurch
(a) put
(b) left
(c) sent
(d) No Improvement

Q51. He was so badly injured that he needed serious care in the hospital
(a) little
(b) deep
(c) intensive
(d) No Improvement

Q52. He told us that he had been aplying for a new job
(a) had applied
(b) applies
(c) is applying
(d) No Improvement

Q53. I will be very busy lately
(a) would be
(b) should be
(c) have been
(d) No Improvement

Q54. I first read the book at lunch
(a) over
(b) with
(c) by
(d) No Improvement

Q55. He was in service for many years and will retire soon
(a) is
(b) have been
(c) has been
(d) No Improvement

Q56. He will explaining to you when he comes back
(a) is explaining
(b) will explain
(c) have explaining
(d) No Improvement

Q57. He reads a book when I meet him
(a) is reading
(b) was reading
(c) has reading
(d) No Improvement

Q58. Though his poor vision, he had an eye for women
(a) Despite his
(b) Instead of his
(c) Inspite his
(d) No Improvement

Q59. When played football, I sprained my foot
(a) Since playing
(b) From playing
(c) While playing
(d) No Improvement

Q60. I shall make you realise your mistake
(a) make you to realise
(b) making you realise
(c) make you realised
(d) No Improvement

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