Choose Alternative Words

Q76. My visit to my vilage are a few and far between
(a) few and far between
(b) few or far between
(c) few and a far between
(d) No Improvement

Q77. The teacher asked him to copy the letter word for word
(a) word with word
(b) word by word
(c) word after word
(d) No Improvement

Q78. He speaks not only English but also Tamil
(a) Tamil too
(b) as well as Tamil
(c) Tamil as well
(d) No Improvement

Q79. I wish I knew what was wrong with him
(a) knew what is
(b) had knew what is
(c) had knew what was
(d) No Improvement

Q80. Hardly had he finished the work then the doorbell rang
(a) than
(b) when
(c) while
(d) No Improvement

Q81. The mobile phones have made digital cameras a little superfluous in today's world
(a) extinct
(b) obsolete
(c) neglected
(d) No Improvement

Q82. If you will approach him sincerely, he will listen to your problem definitely
(a) you approach
(b) you are approaching
(c) you have been approaching
(d) No Improvement

Q83. The equipment is adapted to cotton industries
(a) Adapted from
(b) Adapted for
(c) Adapted with
(d) No Improvement

Q84. We might have doing something to help you
(a) having to do
(b) has done
(c) have done
(d) No Improvement

Q85. He to be positively rude
(a) was being
(b) have being
(c) had being
(d) No Improvement

Q86. What would the cavalry doing out here ?
(a) be doing
(b) be done
(c) done
(d) No Improvement

Q87. All was surprising to find him on that place
(a) was surprised
(b) were surprised
(c) being surprised
(d) No Improvement

Q88. Read in order become wise
(a) to have to be
(b) to have become
(c) to become
(d) No Improvement

Q89. Ramesh was uneasy because he never be on a plane before
(a) had never been
(b) never been
(c) is never been
(d) No Improvement

Q90. When I shall go to Agra, I shall visit the Taj Mahal
(a) have gone
(b) shall travel
(c) go
(d) No Improvement

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