Fill up the blanks Question

Q136. Managers set objectives, and decide _________ their organization can achieve them
(a) what
(b) how
(c) which
(d) because

Q137. There is nothing that ______ of us can do to help
(a) every
(b) much
(c) more
(d) any

Q138. _______ his money has been stolen
(a) Most
(b) All
(c) Either
(d) Much

Q139. There are ______ mistakes in this essay
(a) plenty
(b) the
(c) few
(d) a little

Q140. She spent ________ useful hour in the botany garden
(a) an
(b) a
(c) many
(d) some

Q141. He is always ______ his temper
(a) lost
(b) losing
(c) had lost
(d) has been loosing

Q142. Did the postman _____ this morning
(a) come
(b) came
(c) had came
(d) had been coming

Q143. The train ______ in ten minutes, so hurry
(a) has been leaving
(b) left
(c) was leaving
(d) leaves

Q144. A bunch of keys ________ lying on the table
(a) is
(b) are
(c) were
(d) has

Q145. Neither of the students ________ interested in extra classes
(a) were
(b) have been
(c) are
(d) is

Q146. I prefer milk _____ tea for breakfast
(a) to
(b) for
(c) than
(d) within

Q147. Why did she __________ your invitation
(a) turn out
(b) turn off
(c) turn down
(d) turn into

Q148. They have _________ the match until next week
(a) put on
(b) put out
(c) put down
(d) put off

Q149. The cat was ___________ by a bus
(a) run through
(b) run out
(c) run into
(d) run over

Q150. You won't get there in time _______ you hurry
(a) whether
(b) if
(c) whatever
(d) unless

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