Fill up the blanks Question

Q151. If I _______ you walking, I could have offered a lift
(a) have seen
(b) see
(c) had seen
(d) seen

Q152. If I _______ what you wanted, may be I could help you
(a) know
(b) knows
(c) knew
(d) have known

Q153. If he _________ to Delhi, he will have to sell his house in Jaipur
(a) moves
(b) will move
(c) shall move
(d) move

Q154. A number of questions ________ asked
(a) was
(b) were
(c) has been
(d) is

Q155. The number of books in the library ________ risen to sixty thousand
(a) has
(b) is
(c) are
(d) have

Q156. He walked into the station only to find that the train _________
(a) left
(b) has left
(c) had left
(d) will leave

Q157. Rina was surprised ________ her result
(a) to
(b) with
(c) from
(d) at

Q158. Megha is disgusted _____ the habit of her son
(a) at
(b) to
(c) for
(d) with

Q159. Mohan's mother was annoyed with him as he could not _____ his examination
(a) Get off
(b) Get on
(c) Get through
(d) Get upon

Q160. How much longer ________ this book
(a) you are needing
(b) will you be needing
(c) will you have needed
(d) have you needed

Q161. _________ you hear the President's speech
(a) Have
(b) Has
(c) Had
(d) Did

Q162. I _______ to the movies with some friends last night
(a) have gone
(b) went
(c) am gone
(d) am going

Q163. The news was ______ good to be true
(a) very
(b) too
(c) so
(d) as

Q164. That hardly counts, _________
(a) does it ?
(b) doesn't it ?
(c) do it ?
(d) don't it ?

Q165. There aren't _________ mountains in that part of the country
(a) much
(b) many
(c) more
(d) less

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