Fill up the blanks Question

Q166. An optimist thinks that all _____ well with the world
(a) shall
(b) will be
(c) is
(d) was

Q167. The examination will begin ________ Monday
(a) from
(b) in
(c) at
(d) on

Q168. Hurry up ! Everybody ______ for you
(a) wait
(b) wait's
(c) waiting
(d) waited

Q169. Can we stop walking soon ? I ________ to feel tired
(a) start
(b) starting
(c) am starting
(d) am started

Q170. I can't understand why he ________ so selfish
(a) is being
(b) will
(c) was being
(d) being

Q171. The movie wasn't very good. I ________ enjoy it much
(a) do not
(b) did not
(c) does not
(d) am not

Q172. The earth _________ round the sun
(a) go
(b) goes
(c) going
(d) gone

Q173. Rice ______ grow in USA
(a) do not
(b) didn't
(c) can not
(d) doesn't

Q174. The Sun rises ______ the east
(a) in
(b) from
(c) for
(d) of

Q175. I was happy to be ________ friends again
(a) among
(b) between
(c) in between
(d) amongst

Q176. Do not ______ other' sprivacy.
(a) invading
(b) invade
(c) invaded
(d) invasions

Q177. There is ______ scope of improvement in your performance
(a) abounding
(b) aboundafit
(c) abundance
(d) abundant

Q178. The child has ______ himself to everybody
(a) endeared
(b) deared
(c) endear
(d) undear

Q179. This agreement will _______ the ties between the two countries
(a) strength
(b) enstrong
(c) strengthen
(d) strengthify

Q180. It is easy to ______ but difficult to practice.
(a) sermonize
(b) sermonized
(c) sermoned
(d) sermonizing

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