Fill in the Blanks

Q76. The disciplinary committee has recommended a life ban on her _______ disciplinary ground
(a) for
(b) on
(c) at
(d) with

Q77. Naren was debarred _______ appearing in the examination
(a) of
(b) from
(c) to
(d) with

Q78. He is superior _______ me
(a) from
(b) to
(c) by
(d) in

Q79. The old man may not live _______ the winter
(a) in
(b) through
(c) upto
(d) by

Q80. When the morning ________ , the murder was discovered
(a) came
(b) happened
(c) arrived
(d) occurred

Q81. The smell of the Sea called ____ memories of her childhood
(a) on
(b) back
(c) up
(d) for

Q82. Eggs are sold by ________ dozen
(a) the
(b) an
(c) a
(d) None of the above

Q83. Their conversion was carried ________ whispers.
(a) in
(b) with
(c) for
(d) on

Q84. They _________ to open a new shop here shortly
(a) went
(b) go
(c) are going
(d) will open

Q85. She did the job without ______ enthusiasm
(a) much
(b) all
(c) many
(d) little

Q86. There is nothing that _________ of us can do to help
(a) every
(b) any
(c) half
(d) none

Q87. No sooner did the train _______ at the platform than the passengers rushed towards it
(a) arrive
(b) arrived
(c) will arrive
(d) had arrives

Q88. Much ________ since they were here last
(a) has happened
(b) was happened
(c) would happen
(d) have happening

Q89. She _______ the best apples from the basket
(a) choose
(b) chose
(c) was chosen
(d) choosing

Q90. The prisoner was ________ to death
(a) hung
(b) hanging
(c) hanged
(d) hunged

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