Fill up the blanks Question

Q106. I don't have _______ money with me
(a) many
(b) a few
(c) little
(d) much

Q107. I understood ___________ of what he said
(a) few
(b) little
(c) any
(d) many

Q108. There isn't _________ truth in this statement
(a) some
(b) many
(c) most
(d) any

Q109. The train leaves exactly _________ six in the evening
(a) on
(b) in
(c) at
(d) from

Q110. She is suffering _________ a bad throat infection
(a) by
(b) with
(c) of
(d) from

Q111. Some people eat their food _______ their fingers
(a) by
(b) with
(c) through
(d) from

Q112. The burglar got in ________ the window
(a) at
(b) by
(c) through
(d) from

Q113. The railway line runs _________ the river and the road
(a) among
(b) between
(c) besides
(d) through

Q114. The medicine must be ______ by you
(a) take
(b) takes
(c) taken
(d) taking

Q115. We stayed in Delhi _______ five days
(a) in
(b) with
(c) at
(d) for

Q116. He agreed ______ my bussiness proposal
(a) for
(b) on
(c) to
(d) at

Q117. All of us are devoted ________ one another
(a) of
(b) at
(c) to
(d) with

Q118. _________ is the way to the zoo
(a) Which
(b) Where
(c) When
(d) What

Q119. He ______ reach the station in time to receive them
(a) need to
(b) ought to
(c) should have
(d) dare

Q120. I ________ type for hours everyday when I was young
(a) might
(b) may
(c) could
(d) ought

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