Fill up the blanks Question

Q121. During the holidays we _______ play lawn tennis daily
(a) have
(b) does
(c) are
(d) used to

Q122. The children ____________ a good time out in the garden
(a) was having
(b) are having
(c) has had
(d) had been

Q123. The handwriting is legible. Anyone ________ easily read it
(a) can
(b) shall
(c) must
(d) need

Q124. We ______ lose her company, if we are always rude with her
(a) might
(b) ought
(c) need
(d) should

Q125. You won't be allowed into the club _________ you wear a suit and tie.
(a) neither
(b) whether
(c) unless
(d) apart

Q126. If I were an actor, I _______ Bollywood films too
(a) will sign
(b) would have sign
(c) would sign
(d) will have sign

Q127. ________ keep calm
(a) Somewhere happen
(b) Whether happen
(c) If happening
(d) Whatever happens

Q128. She wouldn't have owned such a big company if _______ the challenging contract
(a) she not signed
(b) she does not sign
(c) she had not signed
(d) she did not signed

Q129. ________ you like it or not, he will speak the truth
(a) Don't
(b) Do
(c) Whether
(d) Also

Q130. The thief _________ into the house and took away the money
(a) break in
(b) broke into
(c) break off
(d) break away

Q131. I cannot _________ my mind whether to stay here or leave the place
(a) make up
(b) make over
(c) make upon
(d) make out

Q132. The police are supposed to __________ the thief as soon as a theft is reported
(a) get along
(b) go after
(c) get on
(d) go about

Q133. The match was ______
(a) called out
(b) called off
(c) called in
(d) called across

Q134. He has __________ a year's work and now needs a holiday
(a) put in
(b) put off
(c) put up
(d) put on

Q135. _________ some employers oppose the very existence of unions, many theorists stress the necessity of unions
(a) Because
(b) Due to
(c) However
(d) Although

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