Famous Horses in History and Owners

War horses were heavily utilized in battle during medieval times. They were trained to be fierce and fearless in battle, able to charge into enemy lines and carry their riders into combat. They were also used for transportation, carrying supplies and equipment for soldiers on the battlefield. The horses were often armored to protect them from enemy weapons, and were trained to be obedient and responsive to their riders' commands. The bond between a knight and his horse was considered to be very important, as the horse was often seen as an extension of the knight himself. War horses were often highly valued and were considered to be a symbol of power and prestige.

Here is the list of some horses from history:

Famous Horses in History and Owners
Horse Name Owner's Name
Kanthaka  Gautama Buddha
Bucephalus  Alexander the Great
Marengo Napoleon
Incitatus Caligula
Chetak Maharana Prata
Kasztanka Marshal Jozef Pilsudski
Palomo Simon Bolivar
Cincinnati Ulysses S. Grant
Llamrei King Arthur
Badal Rani Laxmi Bai
Old Bob Abraham Lincoln
Pegasus Hercules
Genitor Julius Caesar
Laili Maharaja Ranjit Singh