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• Academy Award for Best Actress ------------------- Janet Gaynor

• Female elected Prime Minister ------------------- Sirivamo Bandaranaike

• Female elected President of a country ------------------- Isabel Martínez de Perón

• Female pilot to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean ------------------- Betty Miller

• Female space tourist ------------------- Anousheh Ansari

• Female Secretary of State, USA ------------------- Madeleine Albright

• President of the European Parliament ------------------- Simone Veil

• Pilot a hot air balloon ------------------- Sophie Blanchard

• Woman to win the Nobel Prize ------------------- Marie Curie

• Woman to win the Nobel Prize in Peace ------------------- Bertha von Suttner

• Woman in space ------------------- Valentina Tereshkova

• Woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest ------------------- Junko Tabei

• Woman to fly across the English Channel ------------------- Harriet Quimby

• Woman to ride in a hot air balloon ------------------- Elisabeth Thible

• Woman to swim across the English Channel ------------------- Gertrude Ederle

• Woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean ------------------- Amelia Earhart

• Woman to fly solo around the world ------------------- Jerrie Mock

• Woman to walk in space ------------------- Svetlana Savitskaya

• Woman space shuttle pilot ------------------- Eileen Collins

• Woman to earn a doctorate degree ------------------- Juliana Morell

• Woman to earn doctorate degree in Philosophy ------------------- Elena Cornaro Piscopia

• Woman to officially teach at a European university ------------------- Laura Bassi

• Woman to receive a PhD ------------------- Stefania Wolicka-Arnd

• Woman to receive a pilot's license ------------------- Raymonde de Laroche

• Woman to reach Antarctica ------------------- Caroline Mikkelsen

• Woman President Of UN General Assembly ------------------- Vijayalakshmi Pandit

• Woman to reach Mt. Everest without oxygen ------------------- Alison Hargreaves

• Woman to trek to the North Pole ------------------- Ann Bancroft

• Woman to fly a fighter plane in combat ------------------- Marie Marvingt

• Woman amputee to climb Everest ------------------- Arunima Sinha

• Woman Secretary General of SAARC ------------------- Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed

• Woman to win pulitzer prize ------------------- Edith Wharton

• Woman to win olympic marathon medal ------------------- Joan Benoit

• Woman to win an Oscar for Best Director ------------------- Kathryn Bigelow



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