France Question Answer

Q16. Which one was the first book printed in France
(A) L'Astrée
(B) Roman de la Rose
(C) Epistolae
(D) Les Liaisons dangereuses

Q17. The National anthem of France "La Marseillaise" was written by
(A) Victor Hugo
(B) Clément Marot
(C) François Villon
(D) Rouget de Lisle

Q18. Which one is the National Flower of France
(A) Iris
(B) Rose
(C) Tulip
(D) Lily

Q19. On which ocean, the French Polynesia is located
(A) Pacific Ocean
(B) Indian Ocean
(C) Arctic Ocean
(D) Atlantic Ocean

Q20. Total number of time zones used in France and its territories is
(A) 5
(B) 9
(C) 12
(D) 15

Q21. In which city of France, Leonardo da Vinci died in 1519
(A) Lille
(B) Nice
(C) Marseille
(D) Amboise

Q22. The first public railway service in France was started from Saint-Étienne to
(A) Rennes
(B) Nantes
(C) Andrézieux
(D) Mons

Q23. When the Senate was established
(A) 1785
(B) 1799
(C) 1807
(D) 1812

Q24. Total number of seats in Senate
(A) 279
(B) 322
(C) 348
(D) 403

Q25. Which one is the largest French island by area wise
(A) Corsica
(B) Grande-Terre
(C) Lifou
(D) New Caledonia

Q26. Which France city is also known as silk capital of the world
(A) Paris
(B) Lyon
(C) Marseille
(D) Strasbourg

Q27. Which one is the largest port of France
(A) Marseille
(B) Lyon
(C) Cannes
(D) La Verdon

Q28. French architect Jean Chalgrin best known for the design of
(A) Notre Dame de Paris
(B) Eiffel Tower
(C) Arc de Triomphe
(D) The Louvre

Q29. The Louvre Museum was established in the year
(A) 1775
(B) 1792
(C) 1835
(D) 1858

Q30. Which one is a overseas territory of France
(A) Bermuda
(B) Cayman Islands
(C) Gibraltar
(D) New Caledonia

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