Geology Quiz

Q16. Which one is not a rock types sedimentary, metamorphic and __________
(A) Igneous
(B) Sedimentary
(C) Metamorphic
(D) Geomorphic

Q17. What is the temparature of the inner core of the Earth
(A) Approximately 4500 K
(B) Approximately 5700 K
(C) Approximately 6200 K
(D) Approximately 6800 K

Q18. Which one is the last Supercontinent (single landmass of continents) in Earth surface
(A) Rodinia
(B) Pannotia
(C) Pangaea
(D) Pliocene

Q19. In which year the continental drift theory was proposed by Alfred Wegener
(A) 1905
(B) 1910
(C) 1912
(D) 1915

Q20. Cerussite is a mineral of
(A) Lead carbonate
(B) Barium carbonate
(C) Copper carbonate
(D) Zinc silicate

Q21. Parrot coal is a variety of
(A) Lignite
(B) Anthracite
(C) Peat
(D) Bituminous Coal

Q22. Aluminium ores are called
(A) Cryolite
(B) Bauxite
(C) Gibbsite
(D) All

Q23. Who is known as the "father of Crystallography"
(A) Hauy
(B) N Steno
(C) F C Philips
(D) R Hooke

Q24. The basic and fundamental unit of Lithostratigraphic classification is
(A) Supergroup
(B) Group
(C) Formation
(D) Member

Q25. The matrix of packstone is
(A) Sand
(B) Silt
(C) Mud
(D) Clay

Q26. The sediment produced by chemical weathering of granite is commonly knwon as
(A) Cobble
(B) Sand
(C) Silt
(D) Clay

Q27. Thickness of Mantle is
(A) 1,900 Km
(B) 2,500 Km
(C) 2,900 Km
(D) 3,500 Km

Q28. Pitchblende is an important ore of
(A) Zinc
(B) Copper
(C) Titanium
(D) Uranium

Q29. Geometric centre of the Aerial Photograph is called
(A) Principal point
(B) Over lap
(C) Photo scale
(D) Mosaic

Q30. Description and interpretation of Landforms is called as
(A) Geomagnetism
(B) Geomorphology
(C) Geophysics
(D) Geodynamics

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