Germany Quiz

Q1. Total number of states in Germany
(A) 12
(B) 16
(C) 18
(D) 22

Q2. Which one is the largest state in Germany by area wise
(A) Bavaria
(B) Lower Saxony
(C) Brandenburg
(D) Hesse

Q3. Munich is the capital of which state
(A) Hesse
(B) Saxony
(C) Brandenburg
(D) Bavaria

Q4. Who was elected the first Federal Chancellor of Germany in 1949
(A) Kurt Georg Kiesinger
(B) Ludwig Erhard
(C) Konrad Adenauer
(D) Willy Brandt

Q5. The Berlin Wall was built in the year
(A) 1961
(B) 1963
(C) 1964
(D) 1967

Q6. Total number of countries that shares border with Germany
(A) 6
(B) 7
(C) 8
(D) 9

Q7. Which one is the longest river in Germany
(A) Moselle
(B) Elbe
(C) Danube
(D) Rhine

Q8. Which one is the largest lake in Germany
(A) Lake Müritz
(B) Lake Constance
(C) Elbow Lake
(D) Maschsee Lake

Q9. Which one is the highest point in Germany
(A) Middle Wetterspitze
(B) Schneefernerkopf
(C) Zugspitze
(D) Hochwanner

Q10. Which one is the oldest zoo in Germany
(A) Augsburg Zoo
(B) Hellabrunn Zoo
(C) Berlin Zoological Garden
(D) Leipzig Zoological Garden

Q11. Which one is the largest city by population in Germany
(A) Hamburg
(B) Berlin
(C) Munich
(D) Cologne

Q12. Which one is the national bird in Germany
(A) Barbary partridge
(B) Gallic rooster
(C) Whooper swan
(D) Golden eagle

Q13. Total number of seats in the Bundesrat (Upper House) of Germany
(A) 52
(B) 61
(C) 69
(D) 72

Q14. Who was the first President of the Bundesrat (Upper House) of Germany
(A) Hans Ehard
(B) Karl Arnold
(C) Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf
(D) Reinhold Maier

Q15. Total number of seats in Bundestag (Lower House) of Germany
(A) 503
(B) 570
(C) 601
(D) 630

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