Haryana is a state located in the northern region of India. It is known for its rich culture, history, and heritage. Haryana is also known for its rich history and ancient architectural sites. The state is home to the ancient city of Kurukshetra, which is mentioned in the Hindu epic Mahabharata and is considered an important pilgrimage site for Hindus. The state also has several important monuments and historical sites such as the Qila Mubarak in Hisar, the Bhindawas Lake in Jhajjar and the Pinjore Gardens near Chandigarh.

Haryana is also an important agricultural state, known for its production of wheat, rice, sugarcane, and cotton. Haryana also has a strong sporting culture, with notable achievements in field hockey, wrestling, and kabaddi. The state has produced many notable sportsperson such as Dhyan Chand, Yogeshwar Dutt, and Babita Phogat, to name a few. It is an important part of the National Capital Region of India and is known for its rich heritage and cultural heritage.

Below are some important facts to remember about Haryana:

• Haryana is a state in the northern part of India.

• Haryana was created on 1st November 1966 from the state of Punjab on the basis of language.

• It is bordered with Rajasthan to the west and south and by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to the north. Haryana forms the northern, western and southern borders of Delhi.

• The state is one of the major industrial hubs of India.

• The state has 21 districts.

• Total area of the state is 44,212 sq. kms. By Area size it holds the 20th position among the 29 states of India.

• Chandigarh is the capital city of Haryana, while Faridabad is the largest city of the state.

• Total population of the state is 2.5 cores.

• The population density in the state is 573 per square km.

• Haryana is also one of the wealthier states of India and had the second highest per capita income in the country.

• The economy of the state is depends on agriculture, manufacturing, BPO and retail.

• Hindi is the official language of Haryana though Haryanavi language has been the dominant mother tongue in Haryana.

• Faridabad, Panchkula, Sonipat, Panipat, Yamuna Nagar, Rewari are some of the major cities of Haryana.

• Literacy rate in the state is 76.64 %.

• Yamuna is the main river that flows along its eastern boundary of Haryana.

State Symbols of Haryana
Category English Term
Animal Black Buck
Bird Black Francolin
Flower Lotus
Tree Pipal