Haryana State Question Answer

Q31. Which one is the most populous district in Haryana
(A) Gurugram district
(B) Faridabad district
(C) Bhiwani district
(D) Karnal district

Q32. Basai Wetland is located in
(A) Jhajjar district
(B) Kaithal district
(C) Panchkula district
(D) Gurgaon district

Q33. Who was the first woman member of Haryana Vidhan Sabha and also the first woman member of parliament from Haryana
(A) Chandrawati
(B) Kumari Selja
(C) Shruti Chaudhary
(D) Kailasho Saini

Q34. Where is the Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (CSSRI) located in Haryana
(A) Panipat
(B) Karnal
(C) Rohtak
(D) Sonipat

Q35. The Morni hills is located in which district
(A) Sonipat district
(B) Panchkula district
(C) Rewari district
(D) Fatehabad district

Q36. Which one is the highest point in Morni hills
(A) Karoh Peak
(B) Baral Peak
(C) Kalesar Peak
(D) Samlāsan Devi Peak

Q37. The Panipat city is also known as City of ______
(A) fruits
(B) farmers
(C) weavers
(D) gardens

Q38. The city of Hisar was founded by
(A) Iltutmish
(B) Sikandar Lodi
(C) Qutb al-Din Aibak
(D) Firoz Shah Tughlaq

Q39. Where is the biggest Animal Husbandary Farm of Asia situated in Haryana
(A) Hisar
(B) Rohtak
(C) Sirsa
(D) Bhiwani

Q40. Which of the following district of Haryana is also known as the "Chhoti Kashi"
(A) Karnal
(B) Rohtak
(C) Bhiwani
(D) Panipat

Q41. The world’s largest museum of Harappan culture will be built in which city of Haryana
(A) Karnal
(B) Rohtak
(C) Sonipat
(D) Rakhigarhi

Q42. Which of the following cities is known as the "Gateway to Haryana"
(A) Ambala
(B) Hisar
(C) Bahadurgarh
(D) Panipat

Q43. The Vulture Conservation Breeding Centre is located in
(A) Pinjore
(B) Kurukshetra
(C) Bahadurgarh
(D) Panipat

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