Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a state located in the northern region of India. It is known for its natural beauty, with snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, and beautiful rivers. Himachal Pradesh is famous for its hill stations, such as Shimla, Manali, Dharamsala, and Khajjiar, which attract tourists from all over the world.

The state is particularly famous for its traditional handicrafts, such as woolen shawls, woodcarvings, and metal crafts. Himachal Pradesh is also an important center for hydroelectric power generation, with many hydroelectric power plants located in the state.

Below are some important facts to remember about Himachal Pradesh:

• Himachal Pradesh is located on the northern part of India at the foot of lower Himalayas.

• The state is also popularly known as the Devbhumi, "Land of the Gods".

• It is bounded by the state of Jammu and Kashmir to the north, by the Tibet to the east, and by the states of Uttarakhand to the southeast, Haryana to the south, and Punjab to the west.

• The population of the state is around 68 lakhs as per 2011 census.

• Total geographical area of Himachal Pradesh is 55,673 sq. km.

• Density in the state is 123 persons per sq km.

• Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh.

• There are total 12 districts in Himachal Pradesh.

• Total number of state assembly constituencies is 68, while for Lok Sabha election it has 4 constituencies allocated.

• Literacy rate in the state is 83.78 %.

• There are total 32 Wild Life Sanctuaries in the state.

• Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Parbati are the major river in Himachal Pradesh.

• The economy of the state mainly depends on tourism, agriculture and hydroelectric project.

• Himachal Pradesh is rich in Flora and fauna. More than 1000 bird species and 300 animal species found in Himachal Pradesh.

• Hindi is the official and mostly spoken language of Himachal Pradesh. Some of the most commonly spoken languages include Pahari, Dogri, Mandyali, Kinnauri.

• There are tribal populations in the state which mainly comprise Kinnars, Pangawals, Sulehria, and Lahaulis.

• Rajgarh valley, Pragpur, Sujanpur Tihra, Chail, Kangra Fort, Great Himalayan National Park are the main tourist attraction in Himachal Pradesh.

State Symbols of Himachal Pradesh
Category English Term
Animal Snow leopard
Bird Western tragopan
Fish Golden Mahseer
Flower Pink rhododendron
Tree Deodar cedar