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Bussiest Passenger Station ----------- Shinjuku Station

Busiest Passenger Airport ----------- Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport,USA

Biggest City in area ----------- New York

Coldest inhabitated Place ----------- Oymyakon, Russia

Driest Place ----------- Atacama Desert, Chile

Deepest Lake ----------- Baikal, Siberia

Fastest Bird ----------- Swift

Highest Railway Station ----------- Tanggula Station, Tibet, China

Highest Plateau ----------- Pamir, Tibet

Highest Lake ----------- Titicaca , Bolivia

Highest Mountain Peak ----------- Everest. Nepal

Highest Volcano ----------- Ojos del Salado, Andes, Ecuador

Highest Waterfall ----------- Angel Falls, Venezuela

Highest Capital ----------- La Paz , Bolivia

Highest City ----------- La Rinconada, Peru

Highest Airport ----------- Lhasa Airport, Tibet

Highest Bridge ----------- Beipanjiang Bridge, China

Hottest inhabitated Place ----------- Dallol, Ethiopia

Largest Archipelago ----------- Indonesia

Largest Continent ----------- Asia

Largest Country by Population ----------- China

Largest Country by Size ----------- Russia

Largest Bird ----------- Ostrich

Largest City in population ----------- Tokyo

Largest Creature ----------- Blue Whale

Largest Delta ----------- Sunderban, Bangladesh & India

Largest Desert ----------- Sahara, Africa

Largest Dam ----------- Three Gorges, China

Largest Diamond ----------- Cullinan Diamond

Largest Dome ----------- Cowboys Stadium, Texas, USA

Largest Epic ----------- Mahabharata

Largest Island ----------- Greenland

Largest Sea ----------- South China Sea

Largest Artificial Lake by Surface Area ----------- Lake Volta, Ghana

Largest Artificial Lake by Surface Volume ----------- Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe and Zambia

Largest Fresh Water Lake ----------- Superior Lake

Largest Salt Water Lake ----------- Caspian Lake

Largest Library ----------- United States Library of Congress, Washington D.C.

Largest Museum ----------- The Hermitage Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Largest Ocean ----------- Pacific Ocean

Largest National Park ----------- NorthEast Geenland National Park

Largest Single-Aperture Radio Telescope ----------- Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico

Largest Zoo by species ----------- Berlin Zoological Garden

Largest Zoo by area ----------- Red McCombs Wildlife, Texas, USA

Largest Peninsula ----------- Arabia

Largest Railway Station ----------- Grand Central Terminal, Chicago ( U.S.A. )

Largest River ----------- Amazon, South America

Largest Sea - bird ----------- Albatross

Largest Fountain ----------- Suntec city fountain of Wealth, Singapore

Largest Sewage Tunnel ----------- The Chicago Tunnel, USA

Largest Solar Plant ----------- Kamuthi Solar Plant, India

Largest Inhabited Castle ----------- Windsor Castle, UK

Largest Orthodox Cathedral ----------- The Cathedral Church of Christ, Russia

Largest Pyramid ----------- Quetzalcoatl Pyramid

Largest Drainage Basin ----------- The Amazon Basin

Largest Cave Passage ----------- Son Doong cave, Vietnam

Largest Glacier ----------- Lambert Glacier

Largest Swamp ----------- The Pantanal Swamp, Brazil

Largest River Island ----------- Majuli, India, Assam

Largest Airport Terminal ----------- Beijing Capital International Airport, China

Largest Bay ----------- Hudson Bay, Canada

Largets Cemetary ----------- Ohlsdorf Cemetary, Hamburg, Germeny

Largest Church ----------- St. Peter's Basilica, Vetican City, Rome

Largest Lagoon ----------- Grand Lagon Sud, New Caledonia

Largest Mosque ----------- Imam Reza Shrine, Iran

Largest Convention Center ----------- World Market Center, Las Vegas, USA

Largest Gulf ----------- Gulf of Mexico

Largest Hotel ----------- The Venetian & The Palazzo, Las Vegas, USA

Largest Stadium ----------- Strahov Stadium, Prague

Largest Bus Fleet ----------- Andra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation,India

Largest Medical Center ----------- Texas Medical Center, USA

Largest Irrigation Canal ----------- All-American Canal

Largest Container Ship ----------- CMA CGM Marco Polo

Longest Railway Bridge ----------- Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge, China

Longest Irrigation Canal ----------- Karakum Canal

Longest Canal ----------- The Grand Canal, China

Longest Mountain Range ----------- Andes, South America

Longest Platform ----------- Gorakhpur, India

Longest Railway ----------- Trans - Siberian railway

Longest Railway Tunnel ----------- Seikan Tunnel, Japan

Longest Road Tunnel ----------- Laedal Tunnel, Norway

Longest Wall ----------- Great Wall of China

Longest River ----------- Nile , Africa

Lowest Water Body ----------- Dead Sea

Most Active Volcano ----------- Maunaloa,Hawaii, U.S.A

Rainiest Place ----------- Mausinram, Meghalaya, India

Smallest Bird ----------- Humming Bird

Smallest Continent by Area ----------- Australia

Smallest Country by Area ----------- Vatican City

Smallest Country by Population ----------- Vatican City

Tallest Animal ----------- Giraffe

Tallest Dam ----------- Nurek Dam, Tajikistan

Tallest Building ----------- Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

Tallest Railway Station Building ----------- Nagoya Station, Japan

Tallest Statue ----------- Spring Temple Buddha, china

Tallest Monument ----------- Gateway Arch, USA


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