How to block mail id from sending mail in gmail

When you require blocking one or more mail id from sending mail to you, all you need is to create a filter. Follow the below process to block a mail id from sending mail to your inbox :

1. Click on the check box next to the mail that you want to block.

2. Click on More option

3. Then click Filter messages like these.

4. Now you can fill out the other options.

5. After that you can click on the Create filter with this search.

6. Now you can click on the option that you want, when a mail is sending from that particular mail id to your mail. You can select Delete it option and apply Create filter.



This will block message from that particular mail id. If you want to block more than one mail id then you can separate them with "|". For example suppose you want to block [email protected] and [email protected], then you can type [email protected] | [email protected]. If you want to block all mails from a particular domain than you can type in the From tab of Create filter with this search page.

If you want to edit or remove the existing filter, then you have to click setting option in Gmail and click filter tab there.