Idioms Phrases

In the following questions, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given Idiom/Phrase

Q1. On the Cards
(a) To run away
(b) Anticipated
(c) Satisfaction
(d) Sanction

Q2. Bone of contention
(a) Point of an argument
(b) Worthless
(c) Without any hesitation
(d) To succeed

Q3. Talk through one's hat
(a) Talk good points
(b) To talk secretly
(c) Talk positively
(d) Talk nonsense

Q4. The lion's share
(a) The biggest part
(b) The smallest part
(c) Equal parts
(d) Get nothing

Q5. To die in harness
(a) Die early
(b) Die after doing work
(c) To die while in duty
(d) Die peacefully

Q6. Once in a blue moon
(a) Frequently
(b) Very rarely
(c) Something interesting
(d) Very common

Q7. All at sea
(a) Something outstanding
(b) Forgive all
(c) State of confusion
(d) Living in Luxury

Q8. Bite the bullet
(a) To get someone drunk
(b) Talking nonsense
(c) Fight with others
(d) Face unpleasant situation

Q9. Beat around the bush
(a) Avoid coming to the point
(b) Run away
(c) Deduce from the facts
(d) Likely to happen soon

Q10. Hand over fist
(a) Get panic
(b) State of high alert
(c) Quickly and continuously
(d) Get comfortable

Q11. Keep your eyes peeled
(a) To watch carefully
(b) Searching someone
(c) Looking forward
(d) Running away

Q12. Get one's feet wet
(a) To become serious
(b) To understand correctly
(c) To criticize
(d) To begin gaining experience

Q13. In hot water
(a) Friendship
(b) Trouble with someone
(c) Argument with someone
(d) Irregular

Q14. Wet behind the ears
(a) Undecided
(b) Observe very closely
(c) Inexperienced
(d) Irregular

Q15. With flying colors
(a) Fly high
(b) Doing exceptionally well
(c) Colorful
(d) Work very hard

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