Idioms Phrases

Q16. Dead Ringer
(a) Duplicate
(b) Opposite
(c) Looking Good
(d) Something bad

Q17. Head Over Heels
(a) Study hard
(b) Living in luxury
(c) Very excited
(d) Conflict

Q18. To bell the cat
(a) Facing enemy
(b) To face the risk
(c) Make friendship
(d) Conflict

Q19. In the long run
(a) Running long distance
(b) Decide
(c) Eventually
(d) Go back on a decision

Q20. No avail
(a) Effortless
(b) Without any result
(c) Very nervous
(d) Dispose of

Q21. Hard and fast
(a) Weak
(b) Strong
(c) Very strict
(d) Cause of trouble

Q22. A bitter pill
(a) Facing unpleasant situation
(b) Cause of trouble
(c) To reveal a secret
(d) Not to listen to

Q23. Spill the beans
(a) Arrive just on time
(b) Feel sick
(c) To screw up
(d) Reveal someone's secret

Q24. Make a name for oneself
(a) To gain fame
(b) To distrub others
(c) To help others
(d) Escape from trouble

Q25. Get one's act together
(a) To become serious
(b) To share jobs
(c) To get going
(d) To start producing

Q26. At Loggerheads
(a) To differ strongly
(b) To divide a job
(c) To try hard
(d) To get going

Q27. Throw in the towel
(a) Make all possible effort
(b) Ussing any means
(c) Accept defeat
(d) Ignore others

Q28. Get one's hands dirty
(a) To get a boost
(b) Obtain something
(c) Face with unpleasant parts
(d) To remain unused

Q29. To fly off the handle
(a) To be confused
(b) Making friendship
(c) Punish someone
(d) To lose one's temper

Q30. To give vent to
(a) Express
(b) Cause Trouble
(c) Lose Courage
(d) Circulate

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