Idioms Phrases

Q31. To get wind
(a) To fly
(b) To forget
(c) Come to know
(d) To tell

Q32. Blue blood
(a) Belonging to low class scoiety
(b) Give complain in written
(c) Member of high class scoiety
(d) Complain give verbally

Q33. Be on cloud nine
(a) Very happy
(b) Very sad
(c) Going long distance
(d) Going short distance

Q34. Behind closed doors
(a) To praise someone
(b) Doing something secretly
(c) Excite someone
(d) To work hard

Q35. Back to Square One
(a) To bring an issue
(b) Doing something wrong
(c) To face problems
(d) To go back to the begining

Q36. Raining Cats and Dogs
(a) Raining heavily
(b) Flood
(c) Fighting between two groups
(d) Eaining with storms

Q37. Up in Arms
(a) Revolution
(b) Very angry
(c) Protest
(d) Friendly

Q38. A fish out of water
(a) To reveal a secret
(b) In a dry environment
(c) One in uncomfortable situation
(d) Know somthing secret

Q39. Beat around the bush
(a) Discuss something secret
(b) Avoid coming to the point
(c) Cleaning the garden
(d) No idea of main topic

Q40. Meet ones waterloo
(a) Waste time here and there
(b) Going for journey
(c) Meet ones final end
(d) Begin from scratch

Q41. Bolt from the blue
(a) Thundering
(b) A complete surprise
(c) Inform something bad
(d) No idea

Q42. Hit the hay
(a) Go to bed
(b) Go to play
(c) Go to bath
(d) Going to school

Q43. A bed of roses
(a) A complicated situation
(b) A hard situation
(c) Beautiful garden
(d) A pleasant situation

Q44. Get on someone's nerves
(a) To make happy
(b) To know secrets
(c) To annoy
(d) To assist

Q45. Point the finger at someone
(a) To touch someone
(b) To blame someone
(c) To give up
(d) To stop someone

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