Idioms Phrases Trivia

Q76. Ruled out
(a) Allow
(b) Approved
(c) Dismiss
(d) Resolved

Q77. Blow one's own trumpet
(a) Self-promoting manner
(b) To resolved problem
(c) To escape
(d) To shutdown

Q78. At one's wit's end
(a) To get puzzled
(b) To listen carefully
(c) To run away
(d) To walk slowly

Q79. To face the music
(a) To treat rudely
(b) To bear the consequences
(c) In a hurry
(d) In a good mood

Q80. Devil's Advocate
(a) A bad lawyer
(b) To present a counter argument
(c) Defense Lawyer
(d) Prosecution Lawyer

Q81. To call into question
(a) To write a letter
(b) To voice a strong protest
(c) To doubt
(d) To scold

Q82. To go to the wall
(a) To be ruined
(b) To be idle
(c) To be in grave trouble
(d) To go for a holiday

Q83. Wears his heart on his sleeve
(a) Hide everything
(b) Hide something
(c) Wearing colorfull dress
(d) Express feelings openly

Q84. Grease somebody's palm
(a) To give gift
(b) To bribe
(c) To tell the future of someone
(d) To praise someone

Q85. In a nutshell
(a) In brief
(b) In a nut
(c) In long description
(d) In discussion

Q86. To call it a day
(a) The day was marvellous
(b) Decide to finish working
(c) Give the day a name
(d) Put off work for another day

Q87. I am all ears
(a) Listening to you
(b) Clean your ears
(c) Both the ears
(d) Using my ears

Q88. A drop in the bucket
(a) to be ruined
(b) to doubt
(c) tearful eyes
(d) unimportant amount

Q89. Butterfly in my stomach
(a) Unhappy
(b) Excited
(c) Nervous
(d) Sad

Q90. Give the benefit of doubt
(a) without proof
(b) with full proof
(c) with respect
(d) unofficial

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