Idioms Phrases Trivia

Q106. To have a finger in every pie
(a) To Fight with everybody
(b) To make fun of everybody
(c) To applaud someone
(d) To be involved in a large and varied number of activities or enterprises

Q107. To make up one's mind
(a) To refer to
(b) To make a decision
(c) To overcome intense grief
(d) Give answer without knowledge

Q108. To hit the nail on the head
(a) To speak loudly
(b) To make a wrong decision
(c) To find exactly the right answer
(d) To meet the disaster

Q109. On thin ice
(a) Suffering from fever
(b) To endure a harsh winter
(c) Feeling very cool
(d) In a precarious or risky situation

Q110. Adam's ale
(a) Food
(b) Water
(c) Fruits
(d) Gift

Q111. The alpha and the omega
(a) True and False
(b) Live and Death
(c) Happy and Sad
(d) The begining and the end

Q112. Throw up the sponge
(a) To accept the defeat
(b) To blame someone
(c) Declare a war
(d) To make a decision

Q113. At loggerheads
(a) To agree with someone
(b) To conflict with someone
(c) To help someone
(d) To face tough competition

Q114. To make a mountain of a mole hill
(a) to make advantage of a small thing
(b) to give great importance to little things
(c) to get into trouble
(d) to see a thing with prejudiced mind

Q115. Hand in glove
(a) in close relationship
(b) non-cooperative
(c) on bad terms
(d) critical

Q116. To speak one's mind
(a) To be frank and honest
(b) To think aloud
(c) To talk about one's ideas
(d) To express one's thoughts

Q117. To play havoc with
(a) to ruin
(b) to alter
(c) to swallow
(d) to affect

Q118. To give currency
(a) To make publicly known
(b) To misinterpret
(c) To bestow importance
(d) To originate

Q119. Queer Fish
(a) Sea fish
(b) Strange person
(c) Fashionable Man
(d) Cooked fish

Q120. Wrangle over an ass’ shadow
(a) Draw the picture of an ass
(b) To be alert
(c) To quarrel over trifles
(d) To watch a light and shadow play

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