Idioms Phrases Trivia

Q121. When the Church comes
(a) When desperate
(b) When the Church is built
(c) At the point of religious awakening
(d) When the moment of decision arrives

Q122. To have a dig at
(a) to weed out the grass
(b) to criticise someone
(c) to show seeds in a pot
(d) to praise someone

Q123. By fits and starts
(a) annoyingly
(b) irregularly
(c) angrily
(d) feverishly

Q124. To brush up
(a) to remove dust
(b) to wash with soap
(c) to hide
(d) to renew

Q125. To be taken aback
(a) surprised
(b) angered
(c) cared
(d) paired

Q126. All and sundry
(a) watchful
(b) destroy
(c) everyone
(d) final

Q127. Apple-pie order
(a) a sudden shock
(b) perfect order
(c) all belongings
(d) cause of contention

Q128. To put the cart before the horse
(a) to imagine a fine future
(b) to do things the wrong way
(c) to have a private end to serve
(d) to have bitter enemies

Q129. To fall flat
(a) to flatter
(b) to pass
(c) to fail
(d) to do all in one’s power

Q130. see eye to eye
(a) agree with someone
(b) to remain neutral
(c) to take over (something)
(d) to enjoy the best of both

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