Animal World

Q46.Which part of the body is used by elephant to control the body temperature
(A) Trunk
(B) Tail
(C) Teeth
(D) Ear

Q47.A group of whales is known as
(A) Pod
(B) Crash
(C) Gaggle
(D) Mob

Q48.Bee Hummingbird is only found in
(A) Poland
(B) Argentina
(C) Cuba
(D) Madagascar

Q49.Which one from the cat family can not retract it's claws
(A) Lion
(B) Cheetah
(C) Tiger
(D) Leopard

Q50.Which animal has the highest blood pressure than any other
(A) Hippopotamus
(B) Monkey
(C) Crocodile
(D) Giraffe

Q51. An adult male gorilla is also known
(A) Pride
(B) Mob
(C) Silverback
(D) Blackback

Q52.In which country kiwi bird found
(A) Autralia
(B) New Zealand
(C) Fiji
(D) South Africa

Q53.In which era did dinosaurs exist
(A) Paleozoic
(B) Cenozoic
(C) Mesozoic
(D) Peroterozoic

Q54.In which era the first mammals evolved in the earth
(A) Triassic
(B) Jurassic
(C) Permian
(D) Silurian

Q55.Which one from the below can change their gender
(A) Piranha
(B) Turtles
(C) Oysters
(D) Shrimp

Q56.Which is the only animal in which the male gives birth their young
(A) Seahorses
(B) Anemonefish
(C) Parrotfish
(D) Hyena

Q57.The blood color of octopus is
(A) Red
(B) Blue
(C) Green
(D) Yellow

Q58.Which animal has teeth in its stomach
(A) Tarantula
(B) Boa constrictor
(C) Lobster
(D) Snail

Q59.Which one is the only flying mammal in earth
(A) Bat
(B) Draco lizards
(C) Albatross
(D) Flying frog

Q60.How much weight a rhinoceros beetle can carry comapred to its body weight
(A) 100 times
(B) 350 times
(C) 500 times
(D) 850 times

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