Animal World Question Answer

Q76. Which fish can swim with fastest speed in seas or oceans
(A) Blue shark
(B) Sailfish
(C) Blue fin tuna
(D) Striped Marlin

Q77. Which animal take breathes through skin
(A) Snake
(B) Fish
(C) Frog
(D) Cockroach

Q78. The camel's hump is composed of ________ tissue
(A) Muscular
(B) Adipose
(C) Skeletal
(D) Areolar

Q79. Which one is world's tallest flying bird
(A) Ostrich
(B) Southern Cassowary
(C) Sarus Crane
(D) Emu

Q80. The only snake that builds a nest is
(A) Chain viper
(B) King Cobra
(C) Krait
(D) Saw-scaled viper

Q81. The tusks of an Elephant are modified ________
(A) Molars
(B) Pre-molars
(C) Second Incisors
(D) Canines

Q82. Which one of these animals is jawless
(A) Shark
(B) Trygon
(C) Myxine
(D) Sphyma

Q83. Which one of these sea creatures changes its colour
(A) Octopus
(B) Sea Horse
(C) Jelly Fish
(D) Star Fish

Q84. Which one of the following is an antelope
(A) Hangul
(B) Mouse deer
(C) Spotted deer
(D) Black buck

Q85. Which is the smallest existing mammal
(A) Gerbils
(B) Rats
(C) Bats
(D) Shrews

Q86. What is a baby swan called
(A) Cygnet
(B) Joey
(C) Colt
(D) Columbidae

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