Arunachal Pradesh at a glance

Arunachal Pradesh is a state in northeastern India, bordering China, Bhutan, and Myanmar. The capital is Itanagar. The state is known for its diverse culture and geography, including the Himalayan mountain range and many rivers. The population is primarily made up of tribal groups, with the most prominent being the Nyishi, Apatani, and Adi. The official languages are English and Hindi, but many local languages are also spoken. The economy is primarily based on agriculture and forestry, with rice, maize, and millet being the main crops. The state is also rich in minerals, including coal, oil, and limestone.

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Arunachal Pradesh at a glance
Particulars Description
Capital Itanagar
Established 31828
Largest City Itanagar
Latitude 28.2180° N
Longitude 94.7278° E
Area Total 83743 sq. km
Districts 25
Total Towns 27
Villages (2011 Census) 5589
Total Population (Census 2011) 1383727
Male (Census 2011) 713912
Female (Census 2011) 669815
Density 17/km2
Literacy Rate -Total 65.38%
Literacy Rate -Male 72.55%
Literacy Rate -Female 57.70%
Highest peak Kangto (23,160 ft)
Official Language English
State Mammal Gayal
State Bird Hornbill
State Fish Golden Mahseer
State Flower Foxtail orchid
State Tree Hollong
Lok Sabha Constituency 2
Rajya Sabha Seat 1
Vidhan Sabha Constituency 60